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About Buffman

Buffman originated a long time ago in a galaxy far away. It was originally published in the University of Texas at Austin's student newspaper, The Daily Texan. In hindsight, I probably should have tried to write it off as charity for a tax deduction.

The following is the beginning of a character-descriptions page. (This is just a rough draft).


Real name: Beauford Mann
Occupation: Superhero in training and part-time door-to-door washing machine salesman
Superpowers: Above-average strength, ability to survive great falls and embarrassment
Nemesis: Squirrels, bad guy brothers Mark and Marcus
Weaknesses: A squirrel-bite renders him as weak as a baby
Likes: Video games, superhero technology
Dislikes: Squirrels, paperwork
Interesting fact: Has never successfully rescued a damsel in distress


Relationship to Buffman: Little brother
Occupation: Cashier at the Sloppy Taco
Superpower: Can watch cartoons without blinking for 17 hours straight
Likes: Coffee, Cheetos, his 'Mysterious Spork of Power', Legos
Interesting fact: Is banned for life from the zoo, the museum, Chuck E. Cheese, and the grocery store

Relationship to Buffman: Best friend
Occupation: Computer Tech support line worker
Superpower: Was born with an extra kidney
Weakness: Only dates insane women
Interesting fact: Drinks a dangerously large amount of coffee

Itty Bitty
Relationship to Buffman: Faithful family pet
Occupation: Laying around the house all day like a lazy jerk.
Superpower: Can leap to great heights when surprised
Weakness: A little crazy, sometimes seen acting skittish and digging in random places around midnight each night, drinks out of toilet
Interesting fact: Very proud of himself for dead mice he leaves on Buffman's pillow

Mean Old Woman
Real Name: Rhonda McGrouch
Occupation: Clerk at Superhero Headquarters
Dislikes: Buffman, people in general, having to do things
Weakness: Doesn't want to deal with jailed bad guys, so she lets them go
Interesting fact: Makes up random rules concerning paperwork

Mark and Marcus
Occupation: Bad Guys
Dislikes: Getting smacked around by Buffman
Superpower: Ability to get out of jail quickly
Weakness: Not very good at robbing places, often caught
Interesting fact: Even they no longer remember who is who



Benny and Benji
Occupation: Owners of The Sloppy Taco, they are Joey's bosses
Dislikes: Customers
Superpower: Surprisingly stays in business despite probable inability to handle tax preparation and dedication to poor customer service
Interesting fact: The beef burritos are not actually made of beef.

More coming...


Buffman was created and is drawn by Jeff Young. All rights reserved (c) 2004. 











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Copyright Jeff Young 2004.  All rights reserved.