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I’ve blogged about my friend Spaniel a couple times recently, here and here.  Have you ever wondered if the people referenced in my blog ever seek revenge afterwards  for making them look silly?  The answer is yes. Here is..

The Revenge of Spaniel

Spaniel had just enjoyed a nice meal at a Vietnamese restaurant, paid for by his benevolent friend.  As he removed his jacket from the chair, ready to leave the restaurant, he realized that there was also another jacket there, underneath his own.  It was his friend Jeff’s jacket, which had been placed under his when they arrived earlier.

He pondered for a moment as he put his arms in his own coat, Should I tell him?  Or should I just leave it here?  He barely ever wears the thing, maybe I’d be doing him a favor.  Or maybe there’s another person who doesn’t have a jacket that could benefit from it

He thinks hes so clever with his blog… screw that guy.

He made his decision.  Feeling resolute, he went on his way, pretending as if his friend’s valuable article of clothing wasn’t there at all.

As Spaniel left the restaurant, he was feeling pretty good.  He had a full belly and had single-handedly kicked off a divergent version of the future, where Jeff no longer owned a nice coat.  He pictured Jeff being cold as he walked across the parking lot in the blustery cold weather, perhaps shivering a little, and a small smile crossed his lips.

That’ll show him.


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