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Wow, five years old.  In some ways, Jules hasn’t changed at all – she is still impossibly adorable, she still doesn’t like to cuddle unless she’s sick, and she’s much more clever than her Dad.

“Hey Jules, did you know that we can see planets in the sky tonight?”

“No Daddy, that’s the moon.”

“Of course — the big one is the moon.  I’m talking about that glowing dot right over here.  That’s the planet Venus.”

“That’s a star, Daddy.”

“That one looks like a star, but that one’s a planet, Jules.”

“Okay, all the dots are planets.  I’m going to count all the planets… 1… 2… 3… 4..”

“No Jules, you’re right, most of them are stars.  Just that one right there is a planet.”

(She looks up, kinda makes skeptical-face, one eyebrow up.)

“Okay, Jules, let me show you Google Sky Maps.  This app shows us which ones are planets and which ones are stars.”

“Neat!  Can I play the Princess Game on your phone?”

“Yes, but let me show you the sky map first.”  (I pull it up, I show Venus, but she’s now fixated on the phone.)  “See Jules, there’s Venus.  Just under the moon.”

“Can I play the Princess Game now?”

In social circles, her role is best described as a Vice President of Operations.  She seems to relish in the planning of events and will direct other little kids in which games to play.  She’s not quite the Queen Bee — but stays friends with whoever it is — and it saves her general bullying and scheming.   I’m not going to claim that I understand the innerworkings of groups of little chicks… but then again, I don’t understand females who are my age, either.

Maybe I’ll ask Jules to explain it all to me one day.

Each night, we have a standing ritual — it goes bathtime, storytime, prayers (“Give us this day, our stale-y bread”), we talk about our day, and then she introduces random conversations to stall going to bed.

During this time, these conversations cover all kinds of topics — where does God sleep, why do little bugs always seem to follow her around, why does our dog Ralphie always try to sleep in her bed and then push her off, and why is poop brown instead the color of the stuff that we eat.

I’m the one on the left.


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