21 Jun 2013 @ 7:36 AM 
  1. Luck and skill are important elements of success.  But nothing is as important as persistence.
  2. If you’re successful, some will be encouraging of your progress, some will dismiss it as luck, and some will accuse you of getting there by spending money.
  3. Friends will bring you more opportunities.
  4. Even dumb people will wander their way to the top sometimes.
  5. We tend to quickly forget our hard-fought successes and focus on the obstacles in front of us.
  6. There is a fine line between popularity and addiction.
  7. Some things, like chocolate, will get away from you if you don’t tackle it early.
  8. Optimism is worth it.  Every once in a while, a last-ditch effort will set off a cascade of events that brings the whole thing together.
  9. We are casual with our moves at the beginning of our life – but more purposeful when it’s almost over.
  10. The things that seems like obstacles today will be looked back upon later as easy.  Life gets harder as you go.


Posted By: Buffman
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Categories: Humor


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