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Remember all the card games you used to play as a kid? No? Well, take a moment (or two) and think really hard. OK, that’s enough. Everyone played some type of card game as a youngster, whether it was something as straightforward as Go Fish or Old Maid or something a little more “branded” aka themed after your favorite movie or television show.

To be fair, most of those branded games were simply carbon copies of what you were already playing and probably even owned. Back in the early ’80s, for example, The Dukes of Hazzard basically had their own version of the always-popular Uno. A few years later, He-Man And The Masters of The Universe characters were plastered on to a deck of playing cards to help kids play war, which is … interesting. And for the younger sect—like, ages 4 to 10, though that’s pushing it—there was the Annie spelling card game. Strawberry Shortcake and Cabbage Patch Kids had their own games, too, that basically centered on the idea of rescuing kids and recip
es from creepy old men. Like the Purple Pie Man in Strawberry Shortcake who was seemingly always trying to collect your recipe cards.

Others were much less entertaining, including one of the Ewok games that was essentially a puzzle disguised as a pack of cards. C’mon, Star Wars team, that’s the best you could do? At least there was “Favorite Five” game that was basically Go Fish with Ewoks instead of standard playing cards. OK, that was cute and all, but that’s it? At that point, you would have been better off just drawing your own illustrations on your mom or dad’s deck of cards and coming up with your own game. Sure they would have gotten a little peeved the next time they tried to use them, but whatever it takes, right? Also, they would have cooled off once they realized they only needed to buy another deck and not some ridiculously over-priced game with a TV show theme to it.

Now that you’re adult—presumably, of course—you’re probably looking for something a little bit more mature to play. No, that’s not a reference to the not-safe-for-work brand of mature games out there. I’m talking card games that can bring you a bit of money if you’re lucky or skilled enough. On the luck side of the coin, the Exchange games at BetFair offer options like baccarat, bullseye roulette, and blackjack. But if you’re feeling a bit more skilled when it comes to cards, you can always get into a game of Texas Hold’Em and take your (virtual) opponents down—and to the cleaners. Just in case you’re not that familiar with hold’em but want to give it a try, head here to learn the ropes.

Also, you can obviously still play all the games mentioned in the above paragraphs, though you might want to add some drinking rules to make it more entertaining for everyone involved. Don’t go overboard or anything, just add enough to make it, you know, not so mind-numbingly easy. For example, every time someone gets a card in a round of Go Fish, the person who loses the card has to sip his or her beverage.

What were some of your favorite card games to play as a kid? Did you keep it simple and go through rounds of Go Fish with your friends? Or were you more fond of the branded stuff? Let us know in the comments!



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