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In the opening shot of the commercial, the camera pans from a sunrise through the window, across a room to a couple in bed at first light. The man sits up.  He rubs his face, and his hand catches a large piece of eye junk.

He looks at it, and looks over at his sleeping mate.  He rolls it in his fingers.

He’s definitely considering eating it.

Camera cuts to her, she appears to be sound asleep.  Camera back to him. He looks around one more time, and feeling pretty safe, pops the eye crunchy into his mouth.

Camera cuts back to her – her eyes are still closed, but she says “Clarence, I want a divorce.”

Then bring up the big product “Boogaway” logo, and the long list of all the awesomely terrible side effects, including anal leakage, the meat sweats, and sensitivity of the nipples. In the background of the dialogue, she’s boxing up her things.  Then a deep-voiced voiceover guy says “For gentle relief of overnight eye crunchies.  Ask your doctor today about Boogaway.  Before she leaves you.”

Then queue the music jingle:  ”Boogawaaaaay! …. Don’t eat ‘em, defeat ‘em!”


Boogaway TM

Don’t Eat ‘em, Defeat ‘em!



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