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It's just the early beginnings, but you can see the new BuffShop here. Woo hoo!

You can email me if you have a specific image you'd like uploaded. The great thing about CafePress is that you can pick from any kind of garment or novelty gift to add images to, and they'll make one at a time and send it to you. You can also take care of the ordering right there on their online shop. The listed prices give the site one dollar profit per item.

More kinds of merchandise will be available soon!

(Comic on the shirt:)



Fake stuff for sale:

These are the kind of products we could only dream of stumbling upon while watching late night informercials or reading the NY classifieds.

I have no idea what this is saying, but it is probably "Buy this if you're really really lonely".

I wonder if you could get it pre-scented with Armpit Smell:


This car is for sale, only a slight ding in the front right bumper:

It comes with free pillows:


Chair for sale, only one kitten was murdered on it by his brother:


Check out the sweet specs on this baby. Dude, yer gettin a Dell:


This 'watering service' wasn't very clear on its assigned tasks::

And here is a comic only loosely related to Sales, but I wanted to throw it in here:










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